Corporate Social Responsibility

CSR Responsibility in the Environtment

Corporate Social Responsibility, or CSR, is realized as part of the Company’s commitment and efforts to run its business operation responsibility, by taking the community and the environtment. The purpose of CSR is to minimize the negative impact due to business operational activities and providing value added of benefits to the Indonesian people and also preserving the environtment. Through implementation of CSR, the Company has helped to achieve better social, economic and life quality conditions.

Practice in Labor, Health and Safety

The Company has implemented remuneration system to attract and maintain a skilled and potential manpower. Below are the remeuneration and facilities provided by the Company:

  1. Salary for all employees has fulfilled Regional Minimum Wage standards.
  2. Labor insurance
  3. Reimbursement of medical and treatment costs for employees and their families;
  4. Transportation allowance facilities for certain employees.

CSR in Social and Community Development

Throughout 2018, CSR activities implemented by the Company cover the areas of facilities and infrastructure, health, and community empowerment.

CSR programs sponsored by the Company and Subsidiaries on an ongoing basis are among others:

  • Economic development
    • Providing blue crab fishing gear to communities who work as fishermen
    • Procurement of a small fishing gear pulling machine
    • Empowering local residents as the Company’s workforce
  • Environment and Social
    • Provision of clean water for local residents
    • Provision the pray room (musholla) for worship activities of local people
    • Electricity distribution for the less fortunate

    The Company was established with the name of PT Prima Abadi is a limited company that was established based on the deed of establishment Limited Company PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi No. 111 issued on January 29 2014. The Articles of Association of the company has been experiencing some changes, the updated was the Decision of the Shareholders No. 20 issued on September 19, 2017. The company started commercial business activities in the year 2014.


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