Company Profile

The Company is a limited liability company domiciled in Semarang, which is established under the laws of the Republic of Indonesia, based on the Deed of Establishment of a Limited Liability Company PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi No. 111 dated January 29, 2014, made by Hasbullah Abdul Rasyid, S.H., M.Kn., a Notary in South Jakarta, who had obtained approval from the Minister of Law and Human Rights of the Republic of Indonesia (“Menkumham”) based on Decree No. AHU-08990.AH.01.01.Tahun 2014 dated March 3, 2014 (“Deed of Establishment of the Company”).

Since its establishment, the Articles of Association in the Company’s Deed of Establishment have been amended several times as stated in the Deed of Decision of the Shareholders No. 20 September 19, 2017, made by Rini Yulianti, S.H., Notary in East Jakarta, which has been received and registered in the Legal Entity Administration system (“Sisminbakum”) Menkumham based on the Letter of Acceptance of Company Data Change Notification No. AHU-AH.01.03-0172879 dated September 19, 2017, has obtained an agreement from Menkumham based on Decree No. AHU-0019278.AH.01.02.Tahun 2017 dated September 19, 2017, has been registered in the Register of Companies in accordance with the provisions of the Company Law with No. AHU-0116780.AH.01.11.Year 2017 dated September 19, 2017 (“Deed No. 20/2017”).

The purpose and objective of the Company is to conduct business in the fields of industry, trade and services. To achieve these aims and objectives, the Company can carry out the main business activities as follows:

  1. The main business activities, namely processing the distribution of fishery products (rajungan), fisheries product processing industry (cold storage), and businesses in the field of trade in general, including imports, exports, interinsulair and local goods of all kinds of goods or services that can be traded both for calculation alone or other parties on a commission basis, becoming wholesalers, suppliers / suppliers, distributors and agencies as well as representatives from both domestic and foreign countries of all kinds of merchandise and services, both the production of other parties and their own products. 
  2. Supporting business activities:
    – Conduct capital participation activities in companies that carry out activities in the processing of fishery products and other companies; and
    – Conducting other activities commonly carried out insofar as they do not conflict with applicable laws and regulations.

The Company is domiciled in Krt. Wongsonegoro No. 39, Wonosari Ngaliyan Semarang 50186, Central Java, Indonesia with telephone numbers (024) 8661860 and facsimile number (024) 8661861.

The Company has direct participation in Subsidiaries as follows:



Business Activities


Year of participation


Direct ownership


Operational Status


PT. Nuansa Cipta Magello (NCM)

Field of marine products, general trade, transportation, and contractors





PT. Karya Persada Khatulistiwa (KPK)  

Processing of crabs





Our Vision

Prima Cakrawala Abadi to become the world class crab meat exporter with the highest quality in the world 

Our Mission

  • Marketing local brand produced by hard working Indonesian into the world market
  • Educating the importance of managing the sustainability of crab meat population
  • To have cooking and picking stations across the Indonesian archipelago with good quality Human Resources
  • Maintaining high product quality with the implementation of Good Manufacturing Practices
  • Maintaining the stability of raw material supply by increasling the welfare of fisherman through partnership program

We have a wide range of seafood products.


Our History


PT. Prima Cakrawala Abadi bought the company including its sister companies


The company became the largest blue crabmeat exporter in the world


The company’s factory received BRC certification with grade A


The company diversified its product to blue crabmeat and conduct its first export


Establish its first production factory for Anchovies in Rembang


PT. Windika Utama (WU) was established in Semarang

    The Company was established with the name of PT Prima Abadi is a limited company that was established based on the deed of establishment Limited Company PT Prima Cakrawala Abadi No. 111 issued on January 29 2014. The Articles of Association of the company has been experiencing some changes, the updated was the Decision of the Shareholders No. 20 issued on September 19, 2017. The company started commercial business activities in the year 2014.


    Jl. KRT. Wongsonegoro No. 39
    Ngaliyan, Semarang 50186